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Construction Workers
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If you're a Bricklayer, Machine Driver or Groundworker we welcome you to our world. In our world, you will be treated with respect, dignity and courtesy at all times and will be offered the following unique advantages:

  •  Weekly Payments

  •  Free PPE 

  •  Day 1 Payments to help you settle in

  •  Genuine prospects to self develop

  •  Market beating Day and Price rates

  •  Closer to home programmes

  •  Opportunities for family members

Trades Operatives

We have work throughout the North West, Yorkshire and North Wales and we wish to hear from anyone who has any skills in the services we offer to include: Brickwork, Foundation Work, Drainage Work, Floor Slabs, Sewer Works, Road Formation, Paving, Landscaping and Fencing.


If you are a plant firm or materials supplier, please contact us with your rates and the geography that you cover. We work throughout the North of England, Midlands and Wales

Construction Workers at Sunset


We always have room for good people. Come and join us.

Send your CV and Letter to which is monitored daily and we will contact you.

Chris 07539 024534

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