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Labour and Plant Schedule of Rates

(All Quants re-measurable in accordance with SMM7)

Site Preparation

  • Site Strip Grass/Rough £0.90/m2

  • Strip Topsoil (250mm) £2/m2

  • Reduce Level £4.95/m3

  • Extra Digging Through Concrete/Brickwork/Rock £29/m3

  • Breaking out Flags, Tarmac £5/m2

  • Load Waggons for Muck Away £4.50/t

  • Large Scale new Fill £4/t

  • MOT Fill £12/t

  • Disposal on site (<50m) £4/m3


  • Dig Foundation Trenches £14/m3

  • Concrete to Foundations £39/m3

Ground Floors

  • Filling with Exc. Materials £5/m3

  • Underfloor Drains and Water Service Ducts £25/m 

  • Rest Bends and Vertical Pipes £25/ea

  • Pot and Beam Floors £9.50/m2

  • Insulation £5/m2

  • Concrete Screed - Trowelled £9.50/m2

Plot Drainage

  • Trenches (Av 500mm) £8/m

  • Pipe Bedding £5/m

  • 100mm Plastic Pipework £9.50/m

  • Extra for Bends / Junctions £19/ea.

  • Extra for Gullies £29/ea.

  • Extra for 225 Inspection Chambers £65/ea.

  • Extra for 450 Inspection Chambers £175/ea.

Scaffolding Mat

  • Fill with Excavated Materials £4/m3

  • Fill with Hardcore 6F2 £4/t

  • Roller/Whacker 6F2 £6.94/m2

External Works (After Scaffold Down)

  • Clear Site £3/m2

  • MOT Filling £4.95/t

  • Whacker stone £4.95/m2

  • PCC Flagging £12/m2

  • Edgings £9/m

  • Brick Paved Drives £19/m2

  • Clean Sand Fill £6/t

  • Turf £1.95/m2

  • Fence Posts £9/ea.

Road Works & Car Parks

  • 6f2 Fill £10/t

  • MOT1 Fill and Roller 250mm thick) £12.25/m2

  • Kerb Race £20/m

  • Kerbs - All £20/m

  • Concrete Manholes - 900 diameter - Av. 1.2m deep £1450/ea.

  • Concrete Manholes - 1500 diameter - av. 1.5m deep £1,950/ea.

  • Hydro-brake £750/ea.

  • 150mm clay pipes £30/m

  • 225 Concrete Pipes £49/m

  • Road Gullies £175/ea.

  • Attenuation £90/m3

  • Compact / Roll Stone £7/m2

Site Mobilisation & Prelims

  • Site Mobilisation £5,000/Visit

  • Working Foreman £29.50/h

  • 12T Machine with Driver and Fuel £48.50/h

Schedules of Rates do not apply on small jobs or jobs that have been started by others.

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